USB Flash Drive Looks Like a Hard Drive

USB Flash Drive Looks Like a Hard Drive

Taiwanese company InfoThink has launched a USB flash drive that looks like a hard drive. However, its similarity with a hard drive begins and ends with how it looks, for it only has 8GB of storage space, compared to most hard drives that offer much larger storage capacities.

Neither is the InfoThink hard drive lookalike flash drive state-of-the-art in terms of connectivity protocol, as it does not offer USB3.0 connectivity, offering only USB2.0 connectivity.

This drive delivers read speeds of up to 25 MB/second; it can write at speeds of up to 12 MB/second. A blue LED activity indicator conveys whether the device is plugged in or not, and whether data is being read/written.

One helpful feature is its retractable USB connector, which eliminates the need for a separate, removable cap. This also gives the impression that the drive is not plugged in.

In terms of weight, this drive measures around 80 grams. Measuring 1.4 x 1 x 0.3, this USB flash drive is larger than most other thumbnail drives. This larger size may be a problem if you need to plug in two USB devices into your laptop or desktop and your computer has two USB ports side by side.

Of course, if your computer has three USB ports, you don't have to worry. You could also circumvent the problem by using a USB hub.

The Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive is available now on globalcustomusb.com, priced at $19.

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Introducing our Light USB Drive and Shine brighter than your rivals

Introducing our Light USB Drive and Shine brighter than your rivals!

At Flashbay we regularly launch new promotional USB drives offering our clients a constantly wider product range. This month we're introducing the lighting USB flash drive, our latest custom web design which we're very pleased with here at Flashbay.

Let's begin with its name: the Light USB thumb drive's been appropriately named after its main asset: an LED torch integrated inside the USB drive's body. We've already presented a special group of multi-functional USB drives, from USB pens and wristbands to paper and tie clip shaped USBs; the sunlight USB drive is an additional unique and versatile custom USB drive that people release around the world.

Using its 2 branded faces, each accommodating some other part of information such as the logo, website address or memorable company image that you would like to become related to your brand. The full colour branding areas have both a dual-face resin dome that protects at the same time a softens the USB shell's surface.

Light Custom USB Drive

Both branded areas simply need a light squeeze for that LED light to shine, which promises physical connection to your brand. When used only Ten mins per day, the LED light's battery lasts at least a year! The sunlight Usb stick is often a light and compact corporate gift to give-away on any appropriate occasion. Some USBs tend to be somewhat heavy and cumbersome to transport around with a keyring. With the Light USB weighting below 11 grams, you'll be able to feel comfortable while using knowledge that the most valued clients or employees help keep it accessible for some time.

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ADATA AC008-16G-RWE C008 Retractable Usb memory card 16GB

ADATA AC008-16G-RWE C008 Retractable Usb memory card 16GB

We supplies the ADATA AC008-16G-RWE C008 Retractable Usb stick 16GB for $8.5 (was $19.99)

The ADATA AC008-16G-RWE C008 Retractable Usb memory card includes a sliding USB connector, which smoothly extends in the drive in the push of your thumb. The capless mechanical design eliminates the irritation of lost drive caps. The USB connector can be produced ready for use with just one hand, for greater convenience when speed is crucial.


ADATA 16GB Classic Series C906 Usb memory card

ADATA 16GB Classic Series C906 Usb memory card

The C906 is completely new to the ADATA Classic Series Usb stick family, keeping the same classic look of their predecessor. Accessible in black and white, the C906 captures the essence of contemporary design and presents a general design of minimalism with a touch of urban charm, rendering it not just a practical hard drive but additionally a modern accessory that talks to your individuality.

Design in Elegance

Weighing only 9 grams and measuring a mere 5.8 cm long, the C906 is an extremely compact USB hard drive that delivers easy portability of all crucial computer data. Made with rounded corners along with a glossy finish that gives it its eye-catching look, the ADATA C906 also comes with a handy snap-on cap design about the rear end with the device to avoid lack of the cap.

Room for Everything?-and Then Some!

With capacities which range from 4GB to 32GB, the C906 was designed to suit everyone's needs. Its capability to store music, photos, your media library as well as personal files, and the capability to transport and transfer them via high-speed USB 2.0 interface get this to thumb drive a must-have.

Smart Power: The Path for Total Protection

Famous for being high quality, making use of their remarkable performance and innovative designs, ADATA portable harddrives have more than "hard power" to make available, notably one of the most valuable software1.

The OStoGO tool assists you by converting your Windows 7 Installation DVD for an ADATA portable hard drive, providing you with the convenience to become in a position to quickly install Windows 7 via USB booting without an optical drive.

The powerful UFDtoGo tool synchronizes data, e-mails plus your Favorites, affording you true mobility.

Norton Internet Security 2012 (60-day trial) safeguards crucial computer data from viruses along with other harmful processes. Registering your ADATA product online offers you this protection free of charge.

1. Download free in the valuable software and product registration are available for ADATA products printed while using Software Download mark only.

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Dimensions: 58 x 17.6 x 10.4mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 9g

Interface: Supports USB 2.0, backward compatible with USB 1.1

System requirements:

Windows? 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista?/7 or above

Mac? OS 9.0 or higher

Linux? Kernel 2.4 or over

Wholesale Custom Bomb Usb stick

Wholesale Custom Bomb Usb stick

This creative silicon USB flash drive was made by Mexico City industrial designer Joel Escalona. The 4GB flash drive appears like actual bomb. As designer said ?¡ãA metaphoric and conceptual object built to be shown with a desk or possibly a place of work not really to hold around.


Bargain Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick Compatibility

Bargain Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick Compatibility

The PE770 embroidery machine works with USB memory stick for simple import of designs. Stitch designs up to maximum of 5 x 7 on this outstanding machine. You can embellish from home decor to T-shirts with one of 136 built-in embroidery patterns such as delicate scrollwork, intricate florals, classic quilt patterns along with 6 built-in lettering fonts a whole bunch more. Add finishing touch with the 10 built-in frame shapes and 12 border styles. Computerized embroidery machine with USB memory-stick compatibility 136 built-in decorative patterns; 6 lettering fonts; 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles Appropriate for Brother memory-card library; imports designs approximately 5 by 7 inches LCD touch-screen controls for simplicity; memory function; full assortment of accessories included 25-year limited warranty

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Microsoft and SanDisk collaborate on Next-Gen USB Flash Drive

Microsoft and SanDisk collaborate on Next-Gen USB Flash Drive

Microsoft and SanDisk have opted for collaborate on the development of a next-generation software and hardware strategy to place application programs and customisation on USB flash drives and flash memory cards.

The new technology is surely an extension of SanDisk?¡¥s existing U3 Smart Technology, and may replace the older version.

Beneath the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will build up new software and SanDisk will focus on the hardware, such as addition of TrustedFlash security technology.

SanDisk will incorporate the completed solution on removable flash memory cards and Cruzer USB flash drives.

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The jv expects products to be commercially available from the better half of 2008.

U3 smart drives can store not simply files, but also Windows computer programs as well as their associated preferences and settings.

The brand new version under development will also allow users to transport a customised interface, applications and data on the flash storage device like a USB flash drive or flash storage device.